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We believe life is meant to be enjoyed and that we enjoy life more when we are connecting with those we love & when we are healthy.  SOCIAL was created to enhance our precious moments and complement our healthy lifestyles. Finally something actually good made by someone who really cares.

Hibiscus Cucumber

Our original flavor that launched SOCIAL! Hibiscus Cucumber is a lovely blend of floral fragrance and a crisp, refreshing undertone of cucumber. Light to the taste and soft on the palette, she is feminine and flirty.

Toasted Coconut Almond

Rich and unique nutty flavors blended together are what give our Toasted Coconut Almond wine such a stand out flavor.  Our coconut almond is a dessert lover’s delight and the perfect addition to a cozy evening in.

Pink Grapefruit Ginger

Pink Grapefruit Ginger is our tangy, bold indulgence. She has a beautiful balance of sweetness and flavor. Think of this zesty wine as Hibiscus Cucumber’s outgoing friend - large and in charge with a colorful personality.


We created the cleanest drink we could imagine.

SOCIAL is certified organic, has 88 calories per can, is gluten-sulfite free, and has only 1 gram of sugar and 4 carbs.

We use superfood extracts to flavor and sweeten our wines. Unlike many other alcohol companies, we are proud to show you every ingredient!

At 26, Leah was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and went on a holistic healing journey...

F i n d  U s  H e r e

One of the fastest growing brands today, we are currently in 29 states! Find us at retailers large and small! 

We love when you send us love letters!

The first time I tried Social Sparkling Wine, I loved it! It is supremely refreshing and has only 88 calories. I feel like I can enjoy an adult beverage without all the guilt which is perfect when I am enjoying a social night out. I am a woman who likes to indulge from time to time and Social allows me to have fun while still maintaining a healthy balance. 

Natty Pantry

I cannot get over this product or the wonderful women who took the risk in creating it! I love that it promotes being social in a healthy way. I take my health and what I put into my body very seriously, which can make it difficult to go out and be social with my friends. I got to introduce this product to a number of my friends and I love showing it off. 

Nikki McSherry

It's a hit period! I drink a case a week, am extremely health conscious and am getting everyone that comes thru the door to at least try it. This is a fantastic product and there is nothing even remotely close to it in quality - I know as I'm constantly trying new canned alternative adult beverages. 

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