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A Love Letter to Those Healing

Dear Soul,  Put the over-achieving and perfectionist self away sometimes.  In our culture, doing more is encouraged. Goals are set and achieved. We push to aim higher and do better all time. We’re driven by the value of excellence, working to the point of exhaustion to perfect something that can’t ever possibly be perfected. Shelve those aspects of yourself. Not all the time, but sometimes. Your health depends on it. Simplify your life. Do you really need to do that much? Do you really need to go to every single one of those events? Do you really need all that stuff? How about those impossible expectations you have of yourself and others, do you need all those?  I’m asking you...

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The Power of Beliefs

  When I was a little girl I was afraid of the monsters underneath my bed. Terrified they would reach out from underneath and grab me and gobble me up, I wouldn’t step near the edge of my bed. I would leap on. I would jump off. It started to cause me a lot of anxiety at night. Even with my little nightlight, it was scary. Those monsters felt very real to me.  And then my Mom came up with a genius idea: Monster Go Away Spray. She told me whenever I was scared all I would have to do is spray the Monster Go Away Spray and I would be safe. No monsters could touch me or hurt me then. I sprayed those...

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