We are so excited to launch our Social Babe Affiliate Program. Join our team and grow with us! The Social Babe Affiliate Program has two goals:

  • To get the word out about SOCIAL, a product that empowers people to live healthy, connected lives
  • Make us all financially abundant

Why We Want YOU

You're powerful, you're a role model, and you're an influencer to women near and far. We believe you can motivate and inspire those who follow you to head a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Why Become An Ambassador?

We are a small female founded start-up with 100% of our focus on creating the cleanest alcohol drinking beverage on the market! Since our launch we've expanded to 19 states in major retailers like Whole Foods, Meijer, Publix, and more. Now that we have the capability to sell online, it's our mission to serve SOCIAL to women near and far, no matter where they live!



The opportunities to market and monetize are endless in the digital world. Here are some easy ways you can create revenue while you sleep:


Earn 15% commission

Affiliates earn 15% commission on every case sold through their unique affiliate link. Sales are tracked through an automated software which will make monetizing with us a breeze! 

There is no cap on your earning

By joining our affiliate program the monetization options will be endless! The more you sell, the more you earn. With our average ecommerce order (per case), you can generate $900 by selling only 100 cases through your digital outlets. 

We provide all marketing materials

To make life easier, we provide all marketing materials you may need. As a SOCIAL Babe Ambassador you will have access to graphics, email templates, banners, and links to use in your marketing efforts. We can also customize banners and graphics to fit your brand image and needs.

Easily access your commission

Payments will be made out at the end of each month with a minimum of $50 in commission sales. You will be able to keep track of your earnings through your own dashboard on our affiliate software. Now you can track your marketing efforts and earning statements with just one click!

Extra Perks: SOCIAL Swag

Besides monetizing from your efforts, you also will receive:

  • Free cases of SOCIAL
  • SOCIAL Babe t-shirt and swag
  • First looks at new items and flavors
  • Partnership to support your events
  • Plenty of SOCIAL cocktail recipes and photos
  • Plenty of graphics and email templates 

Support Every Step of the Way 

Our affiliates will have a dedicated program manager who will be your contact to brainstorm ways to sell, and to fully support you stepping into this kind of revenue steam. Anything you need, we will be there to help! From brainstorming various ways to monetize, to coming up with creative recipes and blog posts, your marketing efforts will be easy breezy with our support. 


Fill our our application form 


Our affiliate program manager will register you as an official affiliate and will generate your unique link

Once accepted, you will receive a file folder with everything you need to market. 

Sell and get paid!