Susanna Kalnes | @susannakalnes

I’m Susanna Kalnes, fitness Master Trainer and motivational speaker. I travel all over the country empowering others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I believe in living a strong life, both mentally and physically, and that’s what I’ll write about on The SOCIAL Life!


Rebecca Niziol | @tinyshinyme

You deserve to do the work you love! My name is Rebecca and I will help you find, move into, and thrive in your dream job. I want you to be authentically who you are, do the work that lights up your soul, and find and create a community you love.


Sarah Baker | @Balanced_babe

I’m Sarah Baker. Balanced eating and living is an absolute passion of mine and I am eager to share it with you. You won’t be reading about fad diets, regulated living, or strict plans from me! I advocate realistic approaches to maintain a balanced lifestyle.


Leah Caplanis | @socialenjoyments

Hi! I’m Leah. As the founder of SOCIAL Enjoyments, I’ve had the opportunity to launch a product I believe makes peoples’ lives better. My mission is to help you bring your own creations to life! We’ll break business down to bite-sized pieces and check them off step by step.

Beauty & Style

Meghan McAllister | @lincolnparkmin

I’m Meghan and I’m the 21 year old blogger and aspiring PR girl of Lincoln Park Minute. Here at The SOCIAL Life, I’ll bring you all things beauty, life, and style, all while keeping it super real. 


Anita Chlipala | @Anitaonlove

I’m Anita, a dating and relationship expert. I want you to have the best relationship of your life! I teach people the information and skills they need to have a happy, satisfying relationship, and that’s what I’ll write about on The SOCIAL Life. Believe me, it is possible!