Pink Grapefruit Ginger

Pink Grapefruit Ginger is our tangy, bold indulgence. She has a beautiful balance of sweetness and flavor. Think of this zesty variety as Hibiscus Cucumber’s outgoing friend - large and in charge, with a colorful personality.

Bold & Flavorful 

  • Feeling sore after a workout? Ginger helps with muscle aches and soreness.
  • Ginger is a great natural treatment for colds and flus. 
  • Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system. 
  • Since grapefruit contains fiber, it helps with appetite control by promoting fullness, 

Our favorite Pink Grapefruit Ginger recipes

S O C I A L   P A L O M A

+ 0.25 oz. Silver tequila

+ SOCIAL Pink Grapefruit Ginger

+ Slice of grapefruit 

+ Ice 

(Optional: Splash of cherry juice) 

S O C I A L   M O J I T O

+ 0.5 oz White/Silver rum

+ Dash of club soda

+ SOCIAL Pink Grapefruit Ginger

+ Strawberries, mint leaves & limes