Meet Rebecca, Your 

Love-Your-Career Coach

You deserve to do the work you love! My name is Rebecca and I will help you find, move into, and thrive in your dream job. I want you to be authentically who you are, do the work that lights up your soul, and find and create a community you love.

A B O U T  

"Do the work that lights up your soul "

It's not a question if you deserve to do work you love, of course you do! It's more a matter of you contributing your gifts to the world so you can give in big ways and make the impact you were born to make. The way you do that is by doing the work that lights up your soul.



A Love Letter to Those Healing

Dear Soul, put the over-achieving and perfectionist self away sometimes. In our culture, doing more is encouraged. Goals are set and achieved.

The Power of Beliefs

When I was a little girl I was afraid of the monsters underneath my bed. Terrified they would reach out from underneath and grab me and gobble me up, I wouldn’t step near the edge of my bed.