Meet Sarah, Your Nutrition & Holistic Health Expert

I’m Sarah Baker. Balanced eating and living is an absolute passion of mine and I am eager to share it with you. You won’t be reading about fad diets, regulated living, or strict plans from me! I advocate realistic approaches to maintain a balanced lifestyle.


"No fads or overly strict diets from me. I pair the realistic with the holistic, advocating a plan you can sustain." 

F U N  F A C T 
My one weakness in life is Cheese -- I can eat an entire wheel of Camambert, and I have before…

C A N ’ T  L I V E  W I T H O U T 
My morning cup of STRONG coffee. It probably equals the strength of three coffees in one, but I only need one of these cups a day!

F A V O R I T E  Q U O T E 
"What you give out to the universe, is what you get back."



My Tips on a Balanced Life

What would you do if you had a chance to dive into any career you want? Would you already know what your passion is? Would it be scary, exciting, and exhilarating all wrapped in one?

Detoxing with Ayurveda

I sat down this month with Monica Yearwod, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, to chat about all things Ayurveda.